Samsung Watch 4 is much much better than expected

I always had a difficult relationship with Wear OS 2.

Huawei W1, Fossil Sport, Fossil Carlyle & Samsung Watch 4

In one hand the platform is very powerfull and open, in the other hand software reliability wasn't very satisfying for me and battery life was usually quite bad.

When I heard that Samsung was moving to Wear OS for their watches, I was very disappointed. Tizen had his limitations but gave me a decent 2,5 days battery life with Always On Display on my Active 2 44mm and was very stable. So I ragequited and forgot about the Watch 4.

What a mistake !

Samsung Active 2 44mm & Watch 4 44mm

As I finally got the beautifull Samsung Watch 4 44mm, 6 monthes after its release, I discovered a much more mature system than both Tizen and Wear OS 2. 

Reliability is perfectly fine. No bug, no strange behavior, no sudden and unbearable slowdown, no disappearing app, no connexion issue.

Battery life is on par with the quite excellent Samsung Active 2 44mm, maybe just a little less. With the same settings, Always On Display activated, the Watch 4 gives me a bit more than 2 days (without nights), let's say 2 days and a full morning on the 3rd day, versus 2 days and until 5 or 6 in the afternoon of the 3rd day for the Active 2.

So, the Watch 4 is now my daily watch and I spend quite a lot of time to make watchfaces for it.

Stay tuned !