How to downgrade your Fossil hybrid app and watch (updated)

After updating both app and watch I found the new update incredibly failed and decided to go back. Indeed the new menu with hand rotating to point items does look better but everything else is worse than before.

So I downgraded both my app on the phone and my watch.

This was super easy on Android ... but Fossil is now trying to force the update on you before you can log in. 

Just go to APK mirror and choose your favorite Fossil Hybrid app version. You could go with the last 4.9.2 version, for example.

APK mirror for Fossil hybrid app

1/Download the app APK

2/Download the APKM installer APKM installer

3/Note your Fossil account ID and password

---------- Stop any internet connection (plane mode or no data mode) ---------

4/Uninstall the updated and infamous Fossil app

5/Launch the APK M installer, grant it rights to access files, locate the APK you just downloaded and install it.

6/Launch the Fossil app, 

- if it asks for un update, you should be able to refuse it by simply touching the return button.

- begin to log in your account just filling your ID and password ...

---------- Activate internet connection ---------

... validate to connect to your account. Then it will connect to your watch and update it ... in fact it will not really update it but downgrade it to the last version before the new OS. It's a quite long process, don't let your phone go to sleep and don't kill the app during the update.

And enjoy your watch as it was before the update.

Be aware there is no warranty we will be able to use it properly forever with outdated versions, especially if Fossil has decided to force us to update ... And remember that using an app coming from an alternate source could be unsafe.

If you have en iPhone, alas, there is no solution to downgrade. iOS is a super closed system. When you buy an iOS device it's not really yours. Apple decides for you what you have the right to do with THEIR beautiful device. That's why you cannot sideload apps, because they have decided you must install apps only from their app store. So going back is not an option on iOS, sorry folks.