Fossil Hybrid HR gen 6 is here and is barely a gen 2

Finally Fossil Hybrid HR gen 6 has been fully unveiled. And alas there is no huge evolution and nothing justifies the gen 6 label.

It's just barely a gen 2. 

  • New sensor SPO2 able
  • Alexa
  • New charge rings
The new charge rings look exactly like the infamous charging rings we found on the Gen 4 and 5. Infamous because they had so many failures that user forums were full of complaints about it.

Alexa is a nice idea but at this time we have no idea about the scope of its integration on these watches. It can be the worst like on Amazfit watches or the best like on Fitbit Sense or Versa 3.

  • Same small e-ink display lost in huge bezels
  • Same battery life
  • Same disappointing new app
You can get details here :