Functions removed from the new Fossil Hybrid HR watch OS

 With the phone app update, the Fossil Hybrid HR watches have been updated too.

Left handed mode has been removed

The update essentially brings a new menu interface. This is not just a list but a serie of icons around the clock in the usual place for hours. You select icons with the up and down button, moving the 2 hands that joint together to make a single hand. This is quite convenient in my opinion. Well done !

Alas some functions have been removed form the watch too :

  • Left handed mode is missing
  • Commute function has been removed
  • Setting to deactivate backlight is missing too
  • Backlight duration has been shortened
These missing functions and the huge limitation of the watchface editor in the phone app (especially no more ring and circle for the complications) have significantly degraded the user experience IMHO.

By chance, you can still downgrade to the old phone app and Watch operating system. See my previous post.