My first watchface is on the Google Play Store !

Trying new things, I designed an animated watchface inspired by old spectrum analysers.

The backgroud is fully animated and colorfull. As we still are in the pride month, it's in rainbow colors.

There are 3 fixed complications and an AOD designed to retain the look of the watchface without using too much battery.

Here is a video of this watchface called SPECTRUM RAINBOW :

It should work with most quite recent Wear OS watches. Only Oppo are not supported because of their square display.


Don't try to find it directly on the Google Play Store app on Android ... There is a bug actually preventing most watchfaces to work directly from the Android app. You can only install remotely from the web version of the Play Store.

Open the link to the watchface directly IN A WEB BROWSER :

There you can see a green install button, if you have a compatible watch, and you can select your watch and choose to install the watchface remotely.

That's a bit annoying but as long as the bug is not resolved, installing most watchfaces doesn't work the usual way. Opening the link in the Play Store app will systematically tell you don't have a compatible device.