Amazfit GTR2 & 2e complete review part 1 HARDWARE

Part 3 : UI

Design : very good !

This is a subjective matter but I really like the simple and streamlined design of these watches.

They look like a new and improved Samsung Active 2. The lugs are less rounded, giving a better look and, much more important, are designed to accomodate 22mm standard quick release armbands. That match a lot better the watch size than the narrow 20mm used by the Active 2. The GTR 2 and GTR 2e are thinner and a bit larger than the Active 2.

The GTR 2e glass show very discrete marks for every hour. So discrete you will probably not notice it much of the time. On the GTR 2, the marks are laser etched, much more visible and placed at each hour and each minute, with a nice touch on the 12 mark, replaced by a triangle. It makes the screen appear larger. This looks better and gives a more classic aspect. The GTR2 looks quite a bit more like a watch when the GTR 2e simply looks like a smartwatch.

The 2 round buttons style blends perfectly. The top button has a nice discrete touch of red giving some subtlety to the overall design.

The GTR 2e is available in 3 colors, black, aluminium and gunmetal (I love this one !) The black version comes with a black band, the aluminum with a green band and the gunmetal with a grey one.

Buckles are the same color as the watch. Of course any standard 22mm armband with quick release system will fit.

Apple and Fitbit are stuck with expensive and proprietary systems.

The GTR 2 comes in only 2 versions, a Sport model in black aluminium with a black silicon band and a « Classic » model in stainless steel with a nice and comfortable leather armband ... is sold only 10 euros more.

Build Quality : very good !

Don’t expect the built quality of an Apple Watch, well above Fossil and Samsung smartwatches. The Amazfit GTR 2 and 2e are closer to a Samsung Active 2, offering a very good build quality with the same weakness : a plastic back (looking maybe a bit better on the Active 2).

Body is alumnium and stainless steel for the GTR 2 « Classic ». The glass is hardened and has oleophobic coating. Amazfit official site does mention a better glass treatment for the GTR 2.

There is no anti reflection coating and the GTR 2 screen seems a bit more reflective than the 2e. Buttons are nice to use and look sturdy.

Nothing to complain about here, it absolutely doesn’t look and feel like an inexpensive smartwatch.

Screen : very good !

The watch is build around a beautifull and large 1,39" OLED screen with nice vibrant colors. Color temperature is a bit cold and the display will look somewhat blueish under warm lights in the evening.

It is bright enough to be visible outside, except for the Always On mode, too dark to be usefull in sun light as it stops adapting to ambient light in this mode. However, AOD stays perfectly bright enough indoors.

Strangely the screen looks a bit better on the GTR 2e as the OLED panel seems laminated to the glass, decreasing reflections. On the GTR 2, the panel seems a bit recessed under the glass, reducing visibility a little little bit. This is very subtle ... but once I noticed, I can’t forget it !