Amazfit GTR 2 & 2e complete review part 2 : Battery life

Part 3 : UI

Battery life : excellent !

As most companies, Amazfit advertise a battery life based on different use types. It’s simple math : the more you ask to your watch, the more it drains its tiny battery.

Sensors, GPS and screen consume a lot of power. If you use everything, Always On Display, continuous health sensors (every minute) and GPS a lot, it’s quite obvious you won’t get the promised battery life, and you will be far from it. It’s the same for every smartwatch.

As the screen is very power hungry, manufacturer usually don’t activate AOD for their battery tests. But an all black watch with nothing on it ... doesn’t look so good. That’s why I test the battery life exclusively with Always On Display. And there, it becomes clear that the GTR 2e has one of the best battery lifes in the market, if not simply the best, and by far ! The GTR 2 has a bit less stamina but manage to do significantly better than practically any other smartwatch.

My test settings :
  • AOD on
  • Lift-to-wake OFF (it uses a lot of power) 
  • Heart rate sensor measuring every 5 minutes 
  • Advanced sleep analysis 
  • Without any workout 
  • Receiving quite a lot of notifications (the watch is set to wake up and automatically display any new notification) 
  • Playing quite a lot with the watch, using sensors and trying many watchfaces 
The GTR 2e ran for 7 days and nights on one charge from 100% to zero.

That’s quite amazing for an OLED watch with AOD (AOD was off during the night). One full week, this is quite an achievement !

The GTR 2 ran for approximatively 7 days ... without nights (it was powered OFF during my sleep time). That’s already very good but not as amazing as the GTR 2e battery performance.

If you compare, in the same conditions (when possible) :
  • a Wear OS watch will make it for 1 day and night, not even a complete second day
  • an Apple Watch serie 6 will be good for 2 days and maybe one night
  • a Samsung Active 2 will run for 2 days and nights or a bit more
  • a Fitbit Sense will be good for 3 days and nights, maybe a 4th day
These numbers are based on my experience and may vary following your habits.

Recharge time is quite fast, taking only 80mn from zero to 100%. Not the fastest, but already fast enough, especially considering you will last a lot longer even with a partial charge. Charging the watch for about 15mn should give you more than enough power for a full day. The bundled charger is a simple magnetic pogo pin connector you will have to plug in any good USB A charger. Simple, small and easy to carry.