Watchface sharing is gone, until Fossil decides to add back this feature in the new app.

A lot of you have tried in vain to download my watchfaces.

Alas, Fossil decided to remove the watchface sharing platform in their new app for hybrids watches.

A Fossil product team manager talked about this in a public post on Reddit :

"Features like sharing of watch faces or customizing complications/sub-dials didn’t get the design in time in the new app but these will come. Continue to provide your thoughts on all the features and we’ll take note as it does influence the priority of items we work on next!"

So we can hope to see it back with a next update. We don't know if it will take weeks or monthes. When it will work again, I'll be happy to update and republish the links in my posts.

If you want to tell them that you care about watchface sharing and would like this feature to be placed in the top of their update list, you can add a comment on this post on Reddit : 

Fossil official post