Children Of The Sun - for Wear OS watches

We are the children of the sun.

Inspired by a Dead Can Dance song, a simple animated watchface, for WEAR OS watches, without complication, just designed to look good even in AOD mode.

Don't think about it as an app or a data filled watchface. It's more of a visual jewel designed to be beautifull and peacefull to stare at.

Live screen / Always On Display

Option 1
Directly on the watch, launch the Play Store, go to the search icon and search for "Kuro" or "Children" then locate the Children Of The Sun watchface and install it. Once installed touch the set watchface button to activate it.

Option 2
On any web browser launch this link :
Don't open it directly with the Play Store app on android, just open it in any web browser. Log in and select you watch by clicking the green button. It will remotely install the watchface.

There is a simplified version of this watchface for Fossil & Skagen Hybrid HR watches.
Fossil Hybrid HR FB-01 / Fossil gen 5 Carlyle
You can get it there :