Hybrids and Wear OS 3 Fossil watches will use the same Fossil app on the phone

In a very exceptional message posted on the Fossil hybrids subreddit, Fossil talked directly to its community to answer the questions about its controversed new app.

Fossil Hybrid HR FB-01 & Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

In a long message they revealed an interesting information :

[ ... We are prepping the app to support our WearOS watches getting the WearOS 3 update later this year.

Part of the flow, features, function, and more in the new app are a bit influenced by meeting requirements for our whole portfolio of connected watches. As part of this, we’re working closely with Google designers to collectively deliver the best possible user experience for all users.]

What this means is very interesting :

  • Wear OS watches will not sync with Wear app but with the Fossil app, like Samsung Watch 4 uses the Samsung app.
  • The same app will be used for all the Fossil connected watches, joining the Wear OS 3 models as well as Hybrids HR and old fasioned hybrids without display.
This may give them the opportunity to unite their portfolio of connected watches in one environment allowing to easily switch between watches and sync health metrics.

I would personnaly love to be able to switch from a Gen 6 or 7 wear OS to an hybrid for a more formal look or for an extended battery life.

Link of the post