Fenix 6, an alternative to the Fossil Hybrid HR ? part 1 : introduction

The Garmin Fenix 6 and the Fossil Hybrid HR FB-01 doesn’t belong to the same kind of watches. However, I think it makes sense to compare both devices because they share some very specific aspects.

What’s more or less the same :

What’s different :

In the next posts I will explore some of the common aspects and differences between these 2 watches because I think that the Fenix 6 (or the new Fenix 7, for example) can be a compelling option for anyone who wish to find an alternative to the Fossil Hybrid HR. 

Not the same price

I feel the need to point out a difference which may be essential to many people : the price. These 2 watches are not fighting in the same league and when the full price of a Fossil is around 200€, A Fenix 6 pro full price is around 800€. You can sometimes find an Hybrid HR at 120€ But the Fenix 6 is difficult to get under 500€ even during the best sales.

For people disappointed by the Hybrid HR

Alas, some people are fed up with the Fossil Hybrid HR.

As much as I love these watches, I am forced to acknowledge that the reliability of the Fossil Hybrid HR is disappointing, with some very common issues of fogging under the glass, bleaching e-ink display, lines on the display, issues with buttons …

My Fossil Hybrid HR Collider’s screen suddenly died without reason

And after 2 years, Fossil doesn’t offer any upgrade of the watch, selling the same limited platform with the same small display under different models, often bigger and bigger but without any improvement and just a different case design.

A comparison for casual users

My next blogposts will focus on the comparison of both watches for casual uses. Sport people probably already know about Garmin watches, but the Fenix (and other Garmin models) can be used as regular smartwatches too and offer a good alternative for people looking for a long battery life and an unintrusive smartwatch.

Stay tuned !