Mykronoz Zetime

So I finally got a Mykronoz Zetime, long after it was released in 2018.

I always have been interested in this first mass market hybrid but many negative reviews made me keep my money.

Time has passed and it seems Mykronoz made a lot of good work on the software. I have to say that I'm surprised because the watch is quite good actually, at least now, with the updated OS.

Some things could have been better :

- the screen is IPS, not OLED and so you don't have any always on besides the actual hands, always working
- the screen is way too blueish to my taste
- fonts have no antialiasing
- there is no NFC nor ambient light sensor
- design is too bulky and lacks subtility

But the watch has some very good points :

- full stainless steel design included the back
- saphire crystal glass
- nice physical hands that run for 30 days
- I can get 6 days of smartwatch battery life
- very good buttons, sturdy
- more functions than on a Fossil Hybrid HR
- very good companion app for the phone
- basic emojis support
- answers to texts by canned responses and a choice of 6 emojis
- good tool in the companion app to make your own watchfaces