80s LCD Dimmer

80s LCD Dimmer

Inspired by 80s LCD watches

You can set the brightness level for live and always on display of the watchface directly with 3 different levels by touching LIGHT LEVEL.

This is very usefull for watches without light sensor and to get a darker and less distracting display by night.

It works by decreasing the watchface brighness only, not changing anything to the brightness setting in the system. So, if your system brightness is already low, you will be able to go darker and darker than the minimal brightness offered by the device. If your system brightness is already high, you can keep it this way for outdoor, use level 2 for indoor and level 1 for the evening.


  1. Can we have a version with Heart Rate. Either in addition to steps or replacing it.

    1. Unfortunately HR display on the watchface doesn't make sense as a frequent or a continuous measure would totally ruin battery life. If the HR displayed is only the one measured 30mn ago, it's rather useless to display it on the watchface.


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