I wish Fossil will use color e-ink display

I wish Fossil will use color e-ink display

The Fossil Hybrid HR is an amazing smartwatch. Less smart than a Samsung Tizen or Wear OS based device but smarter than a Huawei, honor or Amazfit watch, and less focused on sport too.

The e-ink panel is a big advantage for this watch. It is always on without using battery, extremely readable outside, even better than a reflective display like you can get on a Garmin watch.

But it's only black and white with few levels of grey. Color is really the thing missing to make it more enjoyable and interesting on your wrist.

Color e-ink panel already exist, with only 1 extra color besides black and white. This color is quite vivid and nice. It does exist in red and yellow, used for price tags in shops.
Having even only one color to choose would already be very nice design wise. You could use color touches to make simple things pop out for example.

example of color e-ink price tag (taken from AliExpress)

Another kind of color e-ink is coming, full color panels, they give muted colors that will not pop out so much but will let you choose any color you want.

As a smartwatch enthusiast and a watchface maker I would love to see one of those 2 kinds of display on the Fossil Hybrid HR !

Maybe even the simple 1 extra color would be nicer for the ability to give a really dense color.

And they could make different models with a different extra color, red, yellow, blue ... that would be beautifull.