Huawei Watch Fit 2, mini review, don’t waste money on this

I got the Watch fit 2 classic for its good look.

Alas look is all what is good in this watch.

- There are no emojis at all in notifications. When you receive an emoji it’s just removed. You don’t even know something is missing. We are in 2022. Everybody I know use emojis. It's impossible to text with friends without emoji. Even a cheap Amazfit 2 mini (80€) does show emojis.

- You can answer to text with emojis ... which doesn't make sense at all given you cannot even see emojis in notifications. But if you send an emoji to a friend he will probably assume you can read it and send emojis too ... What a nonsense !

There is a nice selection of emojis to answer text messages.

- You cannot sync data with Google Fit

- Step counting is completely off, reducing by more than 20% what other watches counts. Some discrepancies are perfectly normal but this is way too low.

- App store is practically useless with not even 20 available apps.

- Assistant is only available if you use a Huawei phone. No way to replace it with Alexa. But you still get the unremoveable assistant icon in the left pannel. The Amazfit GTS2 Mini does have Alexa.

- Music player doesn’t let you choose an artist or an album, just a playlist, if you made it from your phone. Music transfer by bluetooth is so slow it can take hours to achieve.

If you don’t want all your music messed, just listed by title and mixing every artist and album, you must prepare playlists ...

Even for 159€ this watch doesn't justify its price. A basic Amazfit GTS2 mini is a much better choice for half the price.