ANTIQUA blue for Garmin watches

A watchface with a rather classic design.
Active display mode

Always on display

In low power mode, battery, weather and steps are hidden, to save the aesthetics of the watchface. If there are pending notifications or alarms, the red icon is displayed in every mode.

For 260 pixels screens like the Fenix 6 (tested)
Should work fine (but I cannot test) on Fenix 7; Vivoactive 4; Approach S6; Quatix 6

Vivoactive 3 and other 240 pixels watches version
For 240 pixels screens like Vivoactive 3 (tested)
Should work fine (but I cannot test) on Fenix 7s; Fenix 6s; Forerunner 245, 245 music, 745 et 945; Approach S42; Descent Mk2s; D2 Delta, Delta PX et Delta S; Marq