Skagen Hybrid HR VS Fossil Hybrid Hr

Fossil sells the Hybrid HR under the Fossil brand and the Skagen Jorn brand. They do the same with their Wear OS watches sold under Fossil, Skagen, Michael Kors, Diesel, Puma, and other brands. 

Skagen Hybrid HR are exactly the same watches, with the same specs but a different design. Actually, even the watch body is practically the same as on the Fossil Collider models. 

Skagen Jorn with a Fossil band and Fossil Collider with the Skagen Jorn’s band.

These are almost the same watches :

- same size

- same shape

- same e-ink display

- same outer & inner bezel size

- same phone app under the Skagen name but with different colors

- same lack of water resistance

- the Skagen Hybrid HR has exactly the same software and functions

- same amazing 2 weeks battery life

There are some differences :

- marks shape and color on the inner bezel

- bezel background color

- hands shape and color

- hands do not glow in the dark on this gunmetal version but a user reported the silver version hands does

- buttons have a different shape, are easier to use and clickier

- case sides are brushed metal instead of polished

- lugs have a slightly different shape with an angle

- armbands don’t rub anymore on the watch case which is an issue on the gunmetal Fossil Collider

- there are some Skagen specific watchfaces

- Fossil watchfaces are not available

- no branding on the face of the watch on the Skagen

See the contrast of the inner bezels, the buttons, the marks

Brushed side on the Skagen Jorn

Buttons are clearly not the same

Apps are not compatible

It’s important to note that even if the apps are obviously the same, you cannot use the Fossil app with a Skagen watch nor the Skagen app with a Fossil watch. Watchfaces shared from the Fossil app won’t work on the Skagen app. Nor will it work the other way. Bummer.

Another difference : the Fossil version lets you add text and some stickers (from a limited and rather ugly choice) in the watchface customization tab. You can’t do this in the Skagen app, but this function is of a very limited interest.

Same apps, different names and colors, no compatibility

The Skagen Hybrid HR is a refined version of the Collider

If differences are just about colors and design, one could think the 2 watches are the same. Indeed differences are quite subtle but a watch design is a lot about subtlety. A watch is a mechanical and technological piece of jewelry. 

That’s why I think the Skagen Jorn is a lot better than the Fossil Collider.

- The inner bezel background is not black but dark grey and blends perfectly with the display blacks. It makes the e-ink blacks look better and darker and gives the illusion there is no display but just a recessed metal circle in the background.

The dark grey of the bezel matches the ink’s black quite well

- Hands shape is more neutral and will fit many styles.

- Hands have a black outline and will contrast better on white watchfaces but still be very nice on dark ones thanks to the yellow line.

- Marks are perfectly aligned (marks are often off on Collider models)

- Marks are more detailed, very fine and precise

- Color touches on the hands and marks are welcome in this ocean of dark grey

- Brushed watch case sides won’t attract fingerprints

- Buttons are more satisfying to use and this is a blessing as the navigation is button based

This version of the Skagen came with a milanese style armband. It’s an OK but average band. I replaced it with the Fossil milanese band I had purchased before because it’s thicker and seems much more robust and has the same nice gunmetal color.

For me that’s a no brainer. I prefer the Skagen and will sell my Collider. Later… When the cat is awake.