Fossil Customer service is excellent in Fossil shops

As I quite often point out what’s wrong, it’s important to say when things are done right.

Yesterday I went to my nearest Fossil store to ask customer service for my gunmetal Collider. I had a faulty screen : static lines and the battery was empty in 2 days after charging. That happened some time ago but shops were closed because of the lockdown.

The lady at the store saw the issue immediately and exchanged the watch without any problem. She proposed me if I wanted to pick a different model too in replacement, any price difference would have been for me to pay, which is perfectly normal.

I didn’t want to change and got my watch simply replaced. Now my warranty is reset and good for 2 years again.

The lady was extremely nice, knew the product, she was actually wearing her own Hybrid HR and we talked about it, everything was perfect.

When we buy Fossil (in a country with Fossil stores) we buy a certain level of customer service and a retail network some other brands doesn’t have.

My Fossil Collider gunmetal is back on my wrist !

Notice :

- Be aware that warranty conditions depend on your local laws and some countries have a very limited protection for customers. In such a place don’t hope any company will do more that simply follow the law.

- If you buy in a place where a brand doesn’t officially sells its products, don’t hope to have any warranty. This is the same for every brand.