The e-ink screen suddenly died on my Collider

These days I was not using my Fossil Collider at all. It was just lying on my desk when suddenly I noticed the screen had vertical lines and a strange zone in the center right.

The watch didn’t fall, never got into water or sustained any damage.

And now, after just a little more than one year, it’s dead for no obvious reason.

The Fossil Hybrid HR is an amazing line of smartwatches but it seems manufacturing has issues and reliability is quite uncertain. These are the main problems you can quite often see on Reddit :

- moisture under the glass

- screen bleaching

- buttons falling

- dead screens like mine

- hands drifting excessively

It’s always difficult to measure the extent of a problem through forums user reports as people often go there to complain or find a solution to a problem, but as these reports pop out on a regular basis, it seems these watches are not as reliable as it should.