Please don't steal !

Some indelicate people take Kuro Time Design watchfaces and remove the signature or any logo to ad their own.

This is stealing.

You can use KTD watchfaces for free. But it doesn't mean you own it and you can do whatever you want with it.
- you are not authorized to modify it
- you are not allowed to redistribute it

KTD is a personal project born on the idea that the new Fossil Hybrid HR is a great watch that can be many different watches in a quite unique way thanks to the e-ink display.

Designing watchfaces takes a lot of time and this is quite a challenge to make something good with low resolution, low grey levels, small space. It's a process of trial and errors too. Really it's amazing the time needed to create these watchfaces. All on our free time.

As all of this is shared for free, the only thing we ask to our visitors is to respect our work and not alter it or redistribute it. 

If you don't like our signature, just don't use our watchfaces.

If you like our work, please talk about us, post links to your favorite watchfaces or to the main page. 

Many thanks for using Kuro Time Design watchfaces.